Q Magazine - Summer 2018

Tel: 01737 226522 www.qualitytraveluk.com Welcome to the latest issue of our regular travel magazine where we hope to entice you with a varied selection of worldwide holiday ideas and destinations. So, why not treat yourself, partner, family or a group of friends to a well-earned break. We are delighted to showcase the super sandy Caribbean island of Antigua in a special 5-page feature. With a beach for every day of the year it is no wonder that it is so popular, but the island offers even more to those that have the inclination to explore, perhaps along the famous Beach Bar Trail or in the company of the friendly locals on a Saturday morning hike into the hills and beyond past old forts and banana plantations. Summer is almost upon us, and if you have not already made arrangements then perhaps our opening features on The Luxury Collection, The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca and Columbia Beach Resort in Cyprus will offer some great suggestions for the perfect break with family and friends. Specialist small ship cruising does not get better than aboard one of Ponant’s new class of superyacht, and we are delighted to feature a very special new cruise tour on The Great Lakes between Toronto in Canada and Chicago in the USA with Tauck. We cannot escape the attention given to the world’s environmental concerns and it is certain that many readers are starting to consider if there are cleaner and more sympathetic options when deciding on their holiday destinations so we hope that our piece on sustainable tourism will offer a useful insight into the this important new trend in travel. Whether you are looking for a beach getaway, a city break, an adventure or just news on some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts we are sure this issue will inspire you. So sit back, have a read, then give us a call to discuss your travel plans. Welcome... Sidlow Farmhouse, Ironsbottom, Sidlow, RH2 8PP Contents “A world of difference for the discerning traveller” Published by Travelspeak Limited - 020 8944 6050 - www.travelspeak.co.uk 3 Travel News 4 Summer with the Luxury Collection 7 Family Values 8 A Story of Excellence 23 Q Experiences 14 A New Look for Two Caribbean Classics 16 Antigua Special Feature 12 Columbia Beach Resort 21 Sustainable Tourism 4 16 10 10 The Great Lakes 21