Q Magazine - Spring 2020

14 Trulli Delicious Puglia 4 Cruising the Galapagos 16 The Undiscovered Algarve 6 A Touch of the Mediterranean 8 Royal Makeover in Barbados 18 River Odysseys 4 20 14 8 10 A Sense of Mexico 12 Emerald Heaven 20 The Art of Beautiful Welcome to the latest issue of our regular travel magazine where we hope to entice you with a varied selection of worldwide holiday ideas and destinations. So, why not treat yourself, partner, family or a group of friends to a well-earned break. 2019 has proved to be a defining year for travel with increasing concern about global warming and the emergence of initiatives by some airlines to offset their carbon footprint by contributing to beneficial environmental schemes. Whilst these are early days, it is promising to see that the travel industry is addressing these important issues, and as an independent travel agency we are equally committed to working towards a cleaner, more environmentally friendly world of travel experiences. Closer to home we are delighted to showcase some lesser travelled regions of southern Europe like the eastern Algarve in Portugal and Puglia in southern Italy whilst also featuring a piece on the superb fleet of luxury river boats operated by one of the world’s most respected cruise companies, Crystal Cruises. For those in search of a tropical retreat we spoil you with features on some of the world’s finest beach destinations including Mexico, Barbados, Anguilla, Mauritius and a truly exciting new, all-inclusive resort in the Maldives. And last, but certainly not least, we round up the issue with some recent, personal travel memoirs, our own “Q Experiences” ...so read on and enjoy! We will await your call to assist in arranging your next memorable holiday. 22 Q Experiences Tel: 01737 226522 www.qualitytraveluk.com Welcome... “A world of difference for the discerning traveller” Sidlow Farmhouse, Ironsbottom, Sidlow, RH2 8PP Published by Travelspeak Limited - 020 8944 6050 - www.travelspeak.co.uk