Q Magazine - Spring 2020

S ally’s travel plans were completely scuppered by breaking her elbow!! The only trips she has made have been to A&E, Fracture Clinics and Physio Departments!!! Her plans to visit Bali, Sri Lanka and The Maldives will hopefully be reinstated in 2020. T he Italian city of Bologna is totally underrated and well worth a visit. It has long been on Gail’s list of places to explore and she was thrilled to find this beautiful city remains relatively unknown by tourists which makes it feel wonderfully uncrowded. Of course there are tourists but they mingle seamlessly with the locals and this gives Bologna a very local and authentic feel. Enjoy the numerous covered medieval porticos and beautiful architecture which line the streets in the historic centre, all of which is very easy to navigate on foot. Bologna is known for producing and creating some of themost delicious food dishes in all of Italy. This working class city with its laid-back Italian lifestyle is definitely one Italian city you will want to savour. During a recent visit to South Africa, Gail took time to explore Cape Town ’s revitalised city centre. With its cosmopolitan restaurants, sidewalk cafes, curio shops, galleries, museums and centuries old buildings which are all enhanced by breath-taking views she joined a guided historical walk around the city which helps visitors gain an insight into the rich history that has contributed to the mix of cultures that are unique to Cape Town. For those wanting a unique and very special safari experience Gail has found just the place. Located in the northern Kalahari she stayed in the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve , home to majestic black-maned lions, black and white rhinos, zebras, leopards, meerkat, pangolin, wild dog and a wealth of other rare and endangered species. Tswalu operates primarily as a conservation area with the spotlight on sustainability where guests have an opportunity to learn about diverse habitats and wildlife of the Kalahari grasslands while exploring with trackers and conversing with resident ecologists. All of this helps support the ongoing efforts at Tswalu to preserve the surrounding ecosystems for future generations. Bologna & South Africa by Gail Sally’s Breaking News by Sally 24 Experiences